Bicycling in Yosemetie

Bicycling in Yosemite is a great way to explore Yosemite National Park. Maps of the bike paths marked with key locations are available at the visitors’ center. With 12 miles of paved bike paths, rest stops, and picnic areas, the park accommodates visitors who want to see the picturesque natural landscape while gliding along on two wheels.

Ride through the many beautiful meadows. See lakes and rivers on a self-paced ride that’s great for families, small groups, and individuals. You will get to see magnificant sites on an invigorating tour.

Some famous sites you can see from roadways or bike paths include:

  • Yosemite Museum
  • Yosemite Village
  • Half Dome
  • Glacier Point
  • El Capitan
  • Bridalveil Fall
  • Ribbon Fall

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