Oakhurst, CA

Good moments normally require peace, quiet and a less sparse environment. About 16 miles from the south entrance of the Yosemite National Park, Oakhurst boasts of alpine views blended with the soft flow of the Fresno River that glides through it.

The area is located at an ideal elevation of 2200 feet with the presence of the dominant oak trees that gives the awesome town its name. Before its much needed transformation the town bore the name Fresno Flats, and was initially a grand post office. Oakhurst currently acts as the center of the Sierra Nevada Mountain community and it is the one of the best towns to spend great times with your favorite people.

This town bears the large capability to host all your family and friends outdoor activities. It features several golf course, large supermarkets, a movie and melodrama theatres, many restaurants, a winery, as well as numerous antique and thrift stores. The town experiences the full effects of the four seasons with the year’s temperature ranging from 100 degrees to below freezing. Extremes of the weather conditions are, however, short lived.

Activities in Oakhurst vary greatly and some of the greatest places to visit include:

-Idle Hour Winery: learn and feel a taste of different varieties of wine while enjoying live music on most weekends during summer.

-Children’s Museum: Let your children have one of their best experiences in their lifetime

-Gold Chain Theatre: The buildings of the theatre may be slightly aged, but they feature heart-warming and great plays

Visiting Oakhurst and Yosemite National Park should be one of your greatest achievements this year. These two great places can easily be accessed at any season of the year. Once the decision has been made to venture into these two spectacular sites of interest, feel free to reserve our “Waterfall Lodge near Yosemite” by giving us a call at 1-559-978-9010. You can’t afford to miss this awesome experience.

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